Saturday, September 21, 2013

Who Loses With GOP Food Stamp Cuts and Government Shutdown

A Real Ugly Prospect

Next RNC Chair:  Antoinette GOPER

Here we go again ... fight over the duties of Congress, their sworn duties, the political stunts, and the absolutely outrageous actions and statements by most of the GOP. 

Here is a sample from Sen. Ted "Little Joe McCarthy" Cruz (R-TX) in a statement in MACKINAC ISLAND, MI (The AP):

Cruz says he will fight "with every breath" to stop the health care overhaul, even if it means shutting down segments of the federal government. That approach, warns former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, is "quite dicey" politically for Republicans. There exists now a clear divide over President Barack Obama's health care law separates the emerging field of potential 2016 GOP presidential candidates. And it offers a preview of the battle Republicans nationwide will fight. And, for what reason, I ask: Oh, yeah, their own political survival in office ... not your health or health care or fully-earned benefits that millions worked many years to earn ...

And, yes even our soldiers - many of whom actually use Food Stamps, and loss of their pay since they are also Federal employees.

FYI:  A Department of Agriculture report last year showed that more than 5,000 of the 48 million Americans receiving Supplementary Nutritional Assistance Program (food stamps) listed their employment status as "active duty military," the Pentagon officials said, adding: "Military members who receive SNAP tend to be made up of members in junior pay grades with larger than average household sizes."

So, answer the question Mr. and Mrs. GOP: Are you patriots or just cold-hearted complete ässhølës???

Not that difficult of a question to answer is it?

So, "Vote GOP and Help Ruin or Dismantle the United States." 

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