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Our Secrets Leaking Like a Sieve — How Do We Plug The Dike

Psst: A New TOP SECRET/SI/NOFORN Document is Ready for Leaking
(Pass it Along)

Update (June 16, 2013): I have been advocating this for a very long time ... sure, there are some good contractors, honest people, loyal employees, and then we have the Snowden's ... that is the issue.

This timely article from 

Highlights we must refocus on :

1.  Governments can be made accountable, transparent, and responsive to “We the People.” In fact, that's the core idea of our Constitution

2.  On the other hand corporations, by and large, are accountable only to profits. They’re opaque, and don't give a damn about “We the People,” except for the people who run them.  There once was a time, before Reagan put us on a privatization binge, when our national security was run by our government and answerable to “We the People.” 

3.  However, ever since the Reagan Revolution, our political class has been obsessed with the idea that since government can’t do anything right, private companies should take over most of our commons, even, in this case, the commons of our national security.

A whole bunch of Edward Snowden's are out there among us. I suspect many are ready to jump on this new bandwagon and then have the unmitigated gall to say with a straight face that they are "patriots." Time will tell, but I think that horse has long gone, not use closing the barn door now ... they took the hinges with them...

Stay tuned. More follows from here.

Update (June 8, 2013): About the following series of articles, I strongly believe that this is most-critical and serious issue we face as a country, as a whole. That is the series of leaks of  highly-classified and our most-sensitive National Security information.

My key question is simple and based on this article from The Guardian: WHO IS LEAKING THE TOP SECRET/SI/NOFORN documents and why? I raise these four points:

1.  Who ever they are, they are directly and with malice undermining our country. This is the most-serious issue facing all branches and departments of government and at all levels.

2.  A country that cannot keep highly sensitive information and/or national security materials safe and secret and "open to the world to read on-line over the Internet," then it soon ceases to be a country in short order. 

3.  Ponder hard about that scenario where nothing classified is safe and secure from our sworn enemies, let alone what the public needs to know. The public is not government's enemy and vice-versa.

4.  As a people, we cannot tolerate our country being a wide-open society where nothing is safe and secure and highly-classified materials are leaked at will for no reason except (fill in the blank)....

Original post (here from the Guardian) ... Hint: America no longer has any secrets - the Guardian, et al will guarantee that fully.

These headlines are stark. The contents are more stark, in part like this part (they actually have a copy of a TOP SECRET/NOFORN  presidential directive).

My view is simple:  I, and I hope you do too, respect and take government secrets and their unauthorized disclosure very seriously. Disclosure like this is totally insane for our country. I see all this leaking as a sure way to undermine the United States and especially the highest office and highest levels of government ... why? What is the agenda, and by whom for what reason? 

A country, any country, that cannot have an effective classified materials program ceases to be a great power. This new age attitude about leaking secrets is madness, and overall very troubling. 

An unintended consequence will be: tighter controls over everything in government with more things becoming more secretive and with more controls that will keep the general public in the dark and in some cases rightly so, but with this latest leak of a TS/SI/NOFORN presidential directive, all bets are off.

We are in dangerous waters for sure ... as a nation, a people, we need to collectively think hard and deliberate about this "new trend." This is a very dangerous trend to say the least.

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