Tuesday, June 4, 2013

If the GOP Were to Gain Total Control of Government

Equal Justice Under Law Would Be One Huge Joke

                                    Turning Congress on its Head for the Wrong Reasons

Introduction to this story comes from TruthOut with this:

If you are reading this, you already know the national score from the November election. The Democrats won the presidency, added two seats in the Senate, and won eight seats in the House by over 500,000 votes – while remaining in the minority.

But 2012 is old news. Now, in Washington, focus is on the next opportunity, the next election. In 2014, the goal for the GOP is the Senate. Republicans need six seats to overtake the current Democratic majority. But the true prize is the presidency, coming in 2016.

More in depth of this prospect can be seen here in this 6-page document, wherein the author (Ed Kilgore, Managing Editor) acts like he is a GOPer trying to figure what to do after their losses in 2012 to not do it again in 2014 and certainly not in 2016, as they seek that big prize, saying in part:

"The following is an attempt to put myself in the shoes of a tough, no-nonsense Republican who invested heavily in the Grand Old Party’s 2012 efforts and to try to imagine how I would evaluate the election from his point of view."

This a good read and it should be the primary basis for voters to work hard to block the GOP from accomplishing that goal in 2014 and certainly in 2016.

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