Saturday, May 4, 2013

Results of Slick Lobbying, Special Access, Insider Deals, PAC Money

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A topic I like to track and have posted at various sites and varying times. The bottom line as they say (from this story) is that the rich have recovered nicely and got richer while the rest of us have lost plenty. Whoda thunk it, right? A few highlights:

1.  Do the math and you'll discover that the top 7% gained a whopping $5.6 trillion in net worth (assets minus liabilities) while the rest of lost $669 billion.

2.  Their wealth went up by 28% while ours went down by 4 percent.

3.  It's as if the entire economic recovery is going into the pockets of the rich.

That's no accident, either. Here's why: A laundry list of reasons why follow in the story ... good stuff.

Enjoy. I sure did. 

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