Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Element the GOP Hopes Will Hold their Rebranding Campaign in Place

The Glue that Holds the GOP in One Place — A Dark Place, BTW

The document that the GOP is talking about, but can't seem to get people to buy into can be read here in full - pour a lot of coffee and have a huge trash can handy -- things you will need before you puke. The story comes from here.

Introduction:  The GOP’s prescription to cure the ills that helped bring on yet another disastrous presidential cycle would revamp its presidential nominating rules in ways to benefit well-funded candidates and hamper insurgents - a move that quickly heated up the already smoldering feud between the Republican establishment and the tea party-inspired base.

Tucked in near the end of the 97-page report, formally known as The Growth and Opportunity Project, are less than four pages that amount to a political bombshell: "The five-member panel urges halving the number of presidential primary debates in 2016 from 2012, creating a regional primary cluster after the traditional early states and holding primaries rather than caucuses or conventions." Bottom line: if we can't win the old-fashioned way with votes, we'll rig the system and cheat.

A ton of glue, whether "super glue" or not will not solve the GOP's basic problem: the same old line is the same old line.

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