Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Repository for Most GOP Ideas, Plans, and Opinions

              A Little Humor Goes a Long Way Even for Republicans in Congress

Prior to the 2012 election and continuing until today, the GOP has laid out their road map for the future, saying as they always do:

"That more taxation, regulation, and litigation will not create more jobs. Government takeovers of the economy have failed while the size and the scope of the federal government has exploded. Washington has tied the hands of small business owners and job creators with onerous regulations and backward fiscal policies that have stalled the economy, slowed innovation and destroyed jobs. We need common sense, pro-growth policies to give small businesses and entrepreneurs renewed confidence in our economy and to remove Washington as the roadblock to job creation."

That claim and others can be reviewed here;

However, having followed them closely during that election cycle and ever since it's easy to reach the conclusion that most of their ideas, plans, proposals, recommendations, hunches, etc., are drawn from the location depicted above, hence the humor angle. 

Sadly, no one is laughing at their tactics that they have used ever since, since cooperation and compromise are two words that do not exist in their lexicon.

Added to the mix is the fact that they elect people to Congress who are as harsh as or more harsh than most we are accustomed to (e.g., Sen. Rand Paul (KY) and Ted Cruz (TX) and a few other extremists bent on a platform of non-cooperation).

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