Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The GOP Response to the Economy and Minimum Wage Hike

The GOP Direction for the Economy and Fiscal Policy

GOP Response to Raising the Minimum Wage

First, GOP plans for the economy and a lot of other stuff... seen here in part - CAUTION: A bit scary - you are forewarned:

The new “red-state model” seeks to turn your state into Mississippi. The GOP has plans for a comeback. But it may cost you a lot. The idea is to capitalize on recent Republican state takeovers to conduct an austerity experiment known as the new “red-state model” and prove that faulty policies can be turned into gold.  There will be smoke. There will be mirrors. And there will be a lot of ordinary people suffering needlessly in the wake of this ideological train wreck.

We already have a red-state model, and it’s called Mississippi. Or Texas. Or any number of states characterized by low public investment, worker abuse, environmental degradation, educational backwardness, high rates of unwanted pregnancy, poor health, and so on.

And, I'd add: suppress the vote, or change the rules to ensure GOP (Red State) wins at any cost and believe me, it will cost plenty...

Second, the backdrop: During the State of the Union address (February 12, 2013), President Obama called for raising the minimum wage to $9 an hour, up from its current $7.25 (which has been stuck for years), and indexing it to inflation so that it rises as the economy grows.

If this increase were to happen, it would give the minimum wage its highest purchasing power since 1981, lifting millions of families above the poverty line. But (guess what), top Republicans are already coming out against it. More from here.

Further reading up on this subject can be found here and links therein.

The GOP - still stuck on stupid while trying to be the "new" party with "new" ideas and a "new" messages ... oops ...

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