Friday, February 1, 2013

A Woman's Constitutional Right Guaranteed — Nope — Says the GOP

What the People Want vs. What GOP Office Holders Want = The Exact Opposite

The GOP at mostly the RED state level is working hard to totally ban abortion and a woman's guaranteed constitutional right to have one even if she and her team of Ob-Gyn doctors say it's needed for medical reasons ... Mississippi is leading the GOP pack in the words of their Gov who said publicly, "Our goal is to ban abortions." Other states are following and it seems likely more RED-run states will follow suit.

Here is a updated rundown on the subject (about 11 minutes) ... it is one that every woman for whatever reason or whatever her political views are should pay close attention. Millions of women voiced the same poll view in the last election, but apparently the GOP is now totally deaf. 

The GOP's "war on women" is real and it is still alive, believe it. Keep in mind that if this guaranteed constitutional right that exists under Roe v. Wade is lost, then it's apt to be lost forever. That applies to any right -- once it is taken away or lost, it likely will never come back.

That is the message.

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