Sunday, June 24, 2012

Corporations Gaining More Personal Rights

"Corporations are people, my friend." — Mitt Romney (Iowa State Fair)

Seems Mr. Romney had more courtly insight than we give him credit for??? But, what does it all mean for the remainder of this election cycle (all the damn money from so few billionaires), or if he wins, for the future as he works to repay the donors (those few billionaires)? That is the question we must ponder.

From this article the introduction.

I pose this question: How can corporations gain the same rights as you and I or other people, unless as Mitt Romney says, "they are people," and it seems that the USSC agrees - the question is why!!

"In the (I edit here by inserting the word: “the new”) political world, the Supreme Court continues to expand corporate speech rights, opening one more avenue for big money to flow into elections (I edit and insert the case: “Citizens United in 2010”). And in the business world, federal courts have also cited commercial speech rights to block all kinds of government efforts to add health warnings on products or change the way unhealthy products are advertised."

"The list is startling (I edit then in numerical order)."

1. America has an obesity crisis, but food producers and broadcasters beat back voluntary advertising guidelines.
2. Tobacco beat back adding images to cigarette boxes.
3. Milk companies beat back milk hormone labels.
4. As did cell phone makers with radiation labels.
5. And, video game makers with violence and sexual content labels.

"These defeats were based on asserting corporate speech rights — arguments with which the courts have all too often agreed."

"But behind this depressing trend — which could change if there were more fair-minded federal judges — is an eyebrow-raising corporate ally: esteemed law professors who have been paid by business to expand on their scholarship as private consultants."

The rest of this story can be read here in full. It is definitely food for thought.

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