Wednesday, March 21, 2012

GOP and World War III — On Common Decency

Ryan-GOP Budget Proposal: "It's deja vu all over again"

Ryan-GOP Top Crust Tax Cuts (nothing new here)

Ryan-GOP Plan for Medicare: Will they go against the public???

Well, it's back: The so-called Ryan "plan" is back on the table, just like last year (pretty much so). Not much new here, aside from the harsh political posturing, nasty pandering, and petty games.

On the surface, this "plan" is called "The Path to Prosperity" is raw, rough, and ragged. In my view it is not what our country is about; not one bit. The Medicare poll (above) pretty much proves that point. Will the GOP continue to go against the grain with this "plan" or other polls that reflect poorly against their tactics, like their sustained attacks on women and their health care needs (at the Federal and state levels alike). They have promised to repeal "Obama care" so one wonders what would be left if in fact they were to retake the White House, keep the House, and win the Senate majority. I shutter to think what the GOP would do with a strong majority and  veto-proof Congress, and more gains at the state levels.

All voters ought to start paying close attention, if they are not yet. The dark clouds are on the horizon as the cliché says and a nasty storm is a brewin' ... and it ain't pretty. 

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